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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​soccer_boy_girl_clipart.gifSoccer Season is almost here.soccer_boy_girl_clipart.gif

Registration for players has closed for 2014. But we are in need of Volunteers. Please go to our Volunteers page to learn more....​

Heat Advisory

Yes it's going to be HOT

With temperatures expected to continue to be over 100 degrees, please take precautions for the heat.  

Bring EXTRA WATER. Remember that water at room temperature is quicker for the body to absorb, very cold ice water may feel good but is a shock to the system.

Referees may add additional water breaks during the game (FIFA did this during the World Cup this year.) Watch for Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. Bring cool cloths and misting sprays.

  • Referee​​s can give longer breaks including half time

  • Referees may shorte​n games

  • Referees may add water breaks


  • ​Coaches may ask for extra water breaks

  • Coaches may ask for shorter games

Under-8's and below can come off anytime to get water and return.

Please communicate and use common sense. We want the kids to LIKE this game.

Remember, U10 Girls, U12 Boys and U14 Girls are FRIENDLIES. Please treat them as such.

With proper precautions and good hydration we can all have a great time playing. And don't forget - coaches, referees and fans need water too, bring extra for them - but make sure the players get enough. (If you've got extras, go ahead and offer the referee a drink after the game too!)


Schedules are posted. Go to the Schedules page.

Refund Application.

Please click here for the Refund Request Form. (right click to download)

​​​Season Starts:

  • Sept 6th @ 8.00am
Last season Hilights:

Congratulations to the U10B Allstar team - Coach Jordan Escobar
3rd Place in the Section 10 Playoffs in Bakersfield.



1ST Place in AYSO California State Championships 
on March 15, 2014 -- GREAT JOB BOYS!!